About Us

The Little Nine Partners Historical Society was formed in 1963 under a charter from the New York State Board of Regents in order to ensure that the study of the history and the preservation of the landmarks of the Little Nine Partners' patent area would continue. In commemoration of the nine original partners, nine founding trustees were elected to carry the organization through its critical first years. These trustees were: Edah Aroh, Natalie Barton, Richard Bliss, Julia Duxbury Slingerland Jordan, Rosemary McCann Lyons, David Mann, Robert Palmatier, Muriel Pulver and Huntting Winans.

In its second year the society acquired by gift the old Harris-Husted House of Hammertown and moved it about one-quarter of a mile south to a beautiful site, also a gift, straddling the old millrun and fronting Shekomeko Creek.

When the society witnessed the tragic obliteration of the old scythe works at Hammertown, members worked hard to carefully sort through the debris in an effort to make sure that all materials available at the site would be saved. The old works which manufactured scythes for hundreds of surrounding farmers, was carefully surveyed and mapped so that its correct position would always be known.

It was apparent that now was the time to preserve the fundamentals of American life and it became the organization's responsibility to keep alive an interest in the living past from which came the foundations on which our life is built.

Over the years, LNPHS has worked closely with residents and landowners to preserve and protect the historical fabric of the patent area which encompasses the communities of Pine Plains, Milan, and Northeast. Today the focus of LNPHS is on Pine Plains, as both Milan and Northeast now have their own historical societies.

A focal point of LNPHS is the preservation and restoration of the pre-Revolutionary Graham-Brush House in Pine Plains. To support this effort and other preservation initiatives, the Society hosts fundraising and awareness events, sells reproductions of historical photographs and documents, encourages the participation of talented volunteers such as carpenters, painters, designers, and writers, and accepts donations.

If you would like to get involved, please contact any of our LNPHS Board of Directors:

Dyan Wapnick - President; Scott Chase - Vice President; Ann Simmons - Secretary; Lois Lenehan - Treasurer; Alex Athanasiadis; Leah Cadwallader; Rachel Greenfield; Robert Hedges; Gail Kelly; Elizabeth MacFarlane Isler; Michael Manning.